Pustaka Anak Nusantara
Literature's event 2002
Election 1999


A Time for a Change

Yayasan Kelompok Kerja Visi Anak Bangsa was founded based on a complete consciousness of the situation in Indonesia nowadays. A multidimensional crisis, where words such as Reformation, Democracy, Civil Society, Unity in Diversity and their kind are facing a threat of losing their meanings. At the same time, multiculturalism, difference and freedom of expression are translated and practiced with paradox. Today the country’s nationhood is at stake, and now is the time to reevaluate every aspect in order to maintain its hope for the future. The foundation presents itself to help returning all the meanings of living as a nation in this archipelago, for the sake of realizing the people’s dream of a change toward New Indonesia. As reflected from its name, the main task of this institution is to become the agency of the society in integrating their vision, by implementing communication strategy which speaks out the conscience of the nation’s children.



To become an innovative and creative public social institution that takes a significant role in a development which is adhering to ethics and conscious of nationhood, in order to build a new and more democratic Indonesia, through the means of communications.


To develop creativity and innovation of the children of nation to create changes toward New Indonesia.